Doug Kessler

Jess and Leading Edge has always been there for my clients and I with professionalism, creativity and experience. Additionally, as a Union Company they have given us a confidence and solidarity towards our goals of supporting the working  people of this great country.


Doug KesslerDemocratic Political Consultant
Rosie DArcy

Printer, Designer and Mailer.  Leading Edge has worked with me in very difficult and time sensitive projects. Always exceeding my expectations. Thank you, our work as a non profit depends on the hard work, dedication and commitment from companies like yours.


Rosie DArcyDevelopment Director - Catholic Charities
Cine D. Ivery

My business requires precise and experienced service.  Our production and mail requirements are not only time crucial, they represent the difference between success and failure.  Jess and Leading Edge supplies us with that success and more.  Thank you.


Cine D. IveryPolitical/Slate Consultant
Robert Apodaca

I have had the pleasure of working with Jess and Leading Edge for 5 years now.  Whether it be Design/Print/Mail or Data Analysis Jess and his company has always provided experience and professionalism with integrity and respect.  Their one stop shop service level and experience has clearly made my work easier and more productive.


Robert ApodacaUnited Latinos Vote and Board of Director - Greenlinning Institue
Linda Jimenez

I was delighted with the marketing materials Jess and Leading Edge provided in 2016.  This year we celebrate Micke Grove Zoo’s 60th Anniversary.  I immediately thought of Jess and Leading Edge to create my marketing materials I needed for our non-profit events.  I provided Jess with a concept of what I envisioned.  Jess far exceeded my expectations in creating, designing and publishing exceptional quality ads, programs and banners we needed to market our events.  He thought of ideas that never occurred to me which were amazing.  I highly recommend Jess and Leading Edge as a consultant.

Linda JimenezMicke Grove Zoological Society Board of Directors
Louie Campos
Leading Edge always makes the date I need to get the job done. If I have questions or don’t understand Jess takes the time with me until I understand.
Louie CamposCommunity Activist - Former Candidate
Rose Mohamed

Thank you Leading Edge.  For more than 24 years now, you have provided us with unprecedented service and response.  Each election we manage, requires the production of hundreds of thousands of pages, in variable data format, collated, bound and packaged.  All within days and with weekend production.  So far, Leading Edge has had a 100% accuracy and success rate with us. Although I retire soon, I will always consider you a friend and a company that I can count on.


Rose MohamedSan Joaquin County / Elections Specialist Manager
Chuck McKay

Have a political campaign, and you’re contemplating list brokers?  Let me rave about Jess Cervantes and Leading Edge Data.

  1. We bought a list of high probability voters in our district.  List quality is excellent, and is updated quarterly.  Jess has given us the updates at no additional charge.
  2. The man has what?  Four decades of political experience?  And he shares the lessons it took him years to learn.  If you’re willing to listen, he’ll pack more info than your head can handle.  (I recommend multiple conversations.  Retention is better.)
  3. He’s a top-notch political consultant.  Ask him anything.
  4. We leased his Adelante Campaign Management System to sort and manage the data into mailing lists, walk lists, phone lists, email blasts, and probably a few features I haven’t learned to use, yet.  We can rank precincts, track lawn signs, and print labels for mail pieces.  And any time I’ve had a question, Jess has patiently talked me through it.
  5. He runs a union shop.  I respect that.
  6. The man’s a genuinely nice person.  After a couple o months of emails, phone calls, and one face-to-face meeting, I’m quite proud to consider him a friend as well as a valued resource.

Got questions, call me.  Want to win?  Call Jess.

Chuck McKayCampaign Manager, Kash for Congress 626-214-8390

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